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Final Fantasy VIII - Guardian Forces

A NOTE: Any GF you can draw from a boss before disc 4 can be drawn on disc 4 (if you missed it the first time) in the final dungeon.

There are a total of 16 Guardian Forces (GF's) in FF8. They are as follows:

Guardian ForceSummon NameHow to get itDisc(s) Available
ShivaDiamond DustYou get her automatically if you try to leave Garden, or if you check the Tutorial at your desk in the classroom.Disc 1
QuezacotlThunder StormYou get it automatically if you try to leave Garden, or if you check the Tutorial at your desk in the classroom.Disc 1
IfritHell FireDefeat him in the Fire Cavern at the start of the game. You have to get him.Disc 1
SirenSilent VoiceDraw from Elvoret at the Dollet Communications Tower (the winged boss monster).Disc 1 or 4
BrothersBrotherly LoveDefeat Sacred and Minotaur in the Tomb of the Unknown King, and they will join you as this GF team.Discs 1 through 3
DiablosDark MessengerWhen Cid gives you the Magic Lamp before your first SeeD mission, you can use the lamp to face off Diablos. Defeat him to get him.All Discs
CarbuncleRuby LightDraw it from the Iguions that attack Rinoa during the parade on Disc 1.Disc 1 or 4
LeviathanTsunamiDraw it from NORG when you fight him in Garden on Disc 2.Disc 2 or 4
PandemonaTornado ZoneDraw it from Fujin during the fight against her and Raijin in the Balamb Hotel.Disc 2 or 4
CerberusCounter RocketsFight him in Galbadia Garden when you assault it on Disc 2.Disc 2
AlexanderHoly JudgementDraw it from Edea when you fight her in Galbadia Garden on Disc 2.Disc 2 or 4
DoomtrainRunaway TrainGather together 6 Malboro Tentacles, Steel Pipes, and Remedy+ items (6 of each), and use the Solomon Ring (found at Tear's Point).Disc 3 or 4
BahamutMegaflareDefeat Bahamut on Battleship Island (he's in the light pillar), and he will join you.Disc 3
Cactuar1,000 NeedlesDefeat the Jumbo Cactuar on Cactuar Island (it pops up out of the ground in random spots), and you will get this GF.Disc 3 and 4
TonberryChef's KnifeDefeat 20 Tonberry monsters in the Centra Ruins (all at once; fight near the statue), and King Tonberry will appear. Defeat him to get the Tonberry GF.Disc 2 and 3
EdenEternal BreathDraw it from Ultima Weapon on Battleship Island after you defeat Bahamut (go down the pillar).Disc 3 or 4

NON-JUNCTIONABLE GF'S: There are a few GF's that can be acquired that do not allow you to junction them. Here the are:

Guardian ForceHow to get itHow to summon it
Boko (Chicobo)Catch a chocobo, and the Chocoboy will give you this GF. You need a PocketStation to make Boko useful.Use a Gyshal Greens item in battle.
OdinDefeat him in the Centra Ruins, and he will appear randomly in battle and slay all enemies.He appears randomly, according to your luck.
PhoenixGet and use a Phoenix Pinion in battle.Use a Phoenix Pinion, or hope that it appears randomly in battle.
GilgameshHave Odin when you face off Seifer on Disc 3. Gilgamesh will take his place.Gilgamesh works just like Odin does.

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